Monday, January 28, 2013

Colour Blind

Feeling Blue,
Well I'm trying to forget the feeling that I miss you,
Feeling Green,
When the jealousy sweels and it wont go away and dreams,
Feeling Yellow,
I'm confused inside a little hazy but mellow.

When I feel your eyes on me,
Feeling fine, its sublime,
When that smile of yours creeps into my mind.

Nobody told me it feels so good,
Nobody said you would be so beautiful,
Nobody warned me about your smile,
You're the light,
You're the light,
When I close my eyes,
I'm colourblind.

Feeling Red,
When you spend all your time with your friends and not me instead,
Feeling Black,
When Ithink about all of the things that I  feel I lack
Feeling Jaded,
When its not gone right, all the colours are faded.


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